Key Features of Word Online – The Web-Based Word Processor

Word Online is the web-based version of Microsoft Word that allows users to view, edit and share Word documents through a browser. Some of the key features of Word Online are:

Basic Formatting Tools

Word Online provides basic formatting tools to style text. Users can change font, font size, font color, make text bold, italic or underlined. Basic alignment options like left align, right align, center align and justify are also available.

Find and Replace

The find and replace tool in Word Online lets users find specific words or phrases in the document and replace them with something else. Users can find and replace one instance at a time or all instances together.

Spelling Check

Word Online checks the spelling in a document and underlines words it thinks could be misspelled. Right clicking on underlined words gives suggestions to correct the spelling.

Form Creation

Users can create basic forms in Word Online using legacy form controls like text boxes, dropdown lists and checkboxes. This allows collecting information from others through online forms.

Ordered and Unordered Lists

Word Online allows creating bulleted and numbered lists to organize information. Users can choose between different bullet styles and numbering formats. Lists can be indented to create nested lists.


The insert table option in Word Online lets users add tables to organize and display data in rows and columns. Basic table formatting like changing border size, style and color is possible.

Image and Flash Support

Users can insert images in Word Online either by uploading them or providing a web URL. It also supports embedding flash content from sites like YouTube.


Iframes allow displaying content from an external site like Google Maps or a PDF document within the Word document. Word Online supports adding and editing iframes.

Custom HTML Editor

For advanced formatting, Word Online provides a custom HTML editor where users can directly edit the HTML code. This allows applying custom formatting not available through the standard tools.

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To Conclude, Word Online provides a good set of basic and advanced tools for formatting, editing, sharing and collecting information through Word documents on the web. It serves as a lightweight alternative to the full-fledged desktop app in cases where advanced features are not required.

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