Why Use Word Online Inspite of Desktop Version ?

Using Online Word can be a great experience for the users who needs to copy and paste content or images frequently from internet. Switching windows between your Browser and Microsoft Word can be time consuming where you need to use the Word online which works on browser only. Also If you don’t have the MS word installed in your system, then also you can access the formatting tools to organize your content using it and You can save it for future purposes.You can access the Online Word Here

There are various benefits which gives you the reason of using Online Word inspite of installing any Word Processor in your system, some are given below –

Accessible Anywhere

Documents saved on word online can be accessed from any device using internet browser, allowing you to work on documents anywhere. The desktop version(MS Word) requires the application to be installed on each device. Hence Using this Online version of word can be advantageous for anyone to access it everywhere.

Share without Save

It make it easy to share and collaborate with others without saving or downloading the .doc files. Unfortunately, Multiple users cant edit the content in real time just like Google Docs but multiple users can work on single document sequentially by clicking on save button to update the document.

Cloud Storage

Documents are stored in our onlineword.xyz cloud server rather than on a local hard drive. This makes it easier to access them from anywhere and reduces the risk of data loss.Stored Document on cloud server can be access anytime via unique link mentioned in it .

Unique Link to share the Online Document.

Free to Use

Word Online is free to use with certain features of Office 365. The desktop version of MS word requires purchasing a license which is very costly. Word online is the mini version of Desktop version of MS word which you can use freely.

Automatic Updates

Word Online is always the most up-to-date version with the latest features. Desktop Word relies on periodic updates to be installed manually. Word online get updated automatically from the online word team.

Best Performance

This online version of word has lower system requirements and can run on less powerful devices. In comparison to the desktop edition uses more local resources like CPU and RAM power. You can use online word on a basic configuration machine by justing opening a google chrome browser and access https://onlineword.xyz and start using it.

Simple to Use

The user interface of Word Online is faster to load and easier to use for basic editing compared to the full-featured desktop version of ms word. It is quiet simple to use, you can even start using if you have no knowledge of using MS word which makes it perfect for beginners.

So in summary, the accessibility, collaboration, storage, cost, updates, speed, and simplicity of Word Online make it preferable for many people, especially when working from multiple locations or devices. However, the desktop version does offer more functionalities for more advanced use cases. But Word online makes easier to switch between word window and your work window especially when you are working on google chrome.

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